Cultural Events Board at CU Boulder


A Copy of Your Resume

A Word Document Answering These Questions:

Why do you want to join CEB?

What does culture mean to you?

What unique perspectives can you bring to the board?

Please list three speakers or performers you’d like to see at CU Boulder this year.

Are you available Monday nights at 6 p.m. for our meetings?

2012-2013 Budget Reviews

September & October Events (2012)

SOFO Budget Review DeadlineJuly 11(W)

Budget Approval DeadlineJuly 13(F)

1st ReadingJuly 16(M)

2nd ReadingJuly 23(M)

Event Meetings w/SOFOJuly 26-Aug 01(TH-W)

November & December Events (2012)

SOFO Budget Review DeadlineAugust 29(W)

Budget Approval Deadline September 4(T)

1st ReadingSeptember 10(M)

2nd ReadingSeptember 17(M)

Event Meetings w/SOFOSeptember 19 – Sept 26(W-W)

January & February Events (2013)

SOFO Budget Review DeadlineSeptember 27(TH)

Budget Approval DeadlineOctober 1(M)

1st ReadingOctober 8(M)

2nd ReadingOctober 15(M)

Event Meetings w/SOFOOctober 18-25(TH-TH)

March & April  Events (2013)

SOFO Budget Review DeadlineNovember 8(TH)

Budget Approval DeadlineNovember 12(M)

1st ReadingNovember 26(M)

2nd ReadingDecember 3(M)

Event Meetings w/SOFODecember 6 - Dec 14(TH-F)